Prepare Your Tissues, Because You Might Cry from These Intense Displays of Emotions – 12 Videos + 1 Picture

I have a cat and since I am a student sometimes I am not home for weeks at a time, so when I finally do come back my cat barely acknowledges my existence. Dogs, on the other hand, are known to be very loyal and always happy to see you, so if you are away from home for a bit longer the reaction you might get from your dog will probably be even more intense than usual, as we will see in this list.

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prepare your tissues because you might cry from these intense displays of emotions 1

Really? Mommy's coming home?

This precious little mutt shows us just how deeply a dog misses its owner. Her name is Preco and she was a stray dog 12 years ago living on a beach in Puerto Rico when her “mommy” brought her back to Florida with her. Now she awaits her arrival after a long trip and the expression of pure love she demonstrates here is just priceless.

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Finally, you came back! What is this college thing anyway?

Have you ever been so happy that you just started running around in circles not knowing what else to do? Well, I haven't really, but Sophie here is just so excited to see her owner after a month and she decided to greet him by running around the room. I guess she got a bit tired at the end so she finally settled on the couch.

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I don't care if I'm too loud!

Have you ever heard a dog squeal so much? This little bugger sure has an irritating way of expressing his happiness. His name is Ace and he is a beagle that really missed his owner. And after he was done making this annoying sound he went straight to licking his owner's face. I think that he still is, they just decided to stop filming anymore.

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Forget the glasses, hug me!

This boxer named Chuck has a solder for an owner, so one would think that he is used to not seeing him for long periods of time. Well, he isn't. He is so excited here that he almost destroyed his owner's sunglasses while he was jumping and running around and just a year ago he went through the same thing. It's not easy being Chuck.

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Oh my God, I am so excited!

A wiggling tail is one sure sign that your dog is happy and excited. Myles here is wiggling his tail so fast and hard I thought he was gonna start flying at one point. He was so pleased to see his owner return home after 16 days and as soon as he saw him coming through the window he began to run around. He sure covered some impressive distance for such a small dog.

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We should stop barking, this was supposed to be a surprise party!

If you thought Ace was too loud, imagine a bunch of dogs waiting for their owners to come back home after two months. Actually, don't even try to imagine, just look at the video. This wild bunch sure knows how to welcome their owners and I believe that even the neighbors know that they are home now after that great vocal performance by this dog band.

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Sorry guys, I just got a little distracted

This is a bit different story because the owners never came home since the never even left. However, the dog by the name of Bear did. He ran away after being scared by a car accident and went missing for almost two years. I guess he just wanted to stay true to his name and go roam the wild for a while. Here you can see how his owners reacted when they were finally reunited with this amazing guy.

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Who is this guy? Wait, It is you, yeeaah!

This dog hasn't seen his owner for two years so it is not such a surprise that he can't recognize him in the first place. He Is just barking at him, but the owner didn't really help with his barking and snarling too. The moment when this dog finally realizes who is calling him is truly priceless and touching.

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I'm so happy I might pass out!

Have you ever been so excited and pleased that you just had to pass out for a bit? Well, Casey has. She just couldn't bear the emotions she felt after seeing her owner after more than two years she was working abroad. Don't worry, everything is ok with this little schnauzer, she was just too elated here.

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We decided to welcome you properly

This soldier was out on deployment for full 3 years, so his dog decided to wait for him at the airport. I must tell you, I have never seen such a heart-warming airport reunion and I don't mind watching cheesy romance movies.

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I just went for a long walk

Gunnar really likes to wander around, but this time, he went too far because he ended up missing for almost 2 years. When he was finally found he let his owners know just how much he missed them, kissing and licking them non-stop.

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I know I am a cat, so what?

After I saw this display of affection by a cat, I just had to include it in this list. A cat! The same creature that looks at me like it doesn't even know me most of the times. Well, this cat is something different. Either it is a rare emotional cat or it has a personality disorder and feels like a dog. Either way, I showed this clip to my cat and told him I might exchange him for this little bugger. He, of course, didn't care at all.

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