Why Cats Need Cat Furniture - 11 Pics

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Why Cats Need Furniture

1. Felines spend most of their day napping this is because their bodies are made to hunt during the night. They prefer places that are warm and safe like cat furniture that is designed specifically for this purpose.

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2. Cat scratching furniture acts as a great tool that helps your pet to shed old layers of their claws so that new ones can grow. They also scratch to mark their territories by leaving visible evidence or scents.

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3. Just like their cousins in the wild, domestic felines are created to climb. This is a survival mechanism that helps them to hunt and hide from predators. Cat furniture provides your pet with a climbing sanctuary.

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4. Since they sleep a lot of felines need surfaces to stretch and relieve muscle tension. This is crucial because promotes blood circulation.

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How to Make Cat Stop Scratching Furniture

Some pets might not like the furniture you buy them at first. However, there are several ways you can stop your cat from damaging your furniture; for instance, you could start by placing cat furniture where your pet is most likely to notice. You could also affect your pet’s behavior by putting catnip on its furniture.

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