Weird and Unusual but Definitely Adorable Cat Breeds – 12 Pictures

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Every cat in this World has a specific uniqueness. Some of them are round and hairy while some of them don’t even have hair. If you ever saw a strange-looking cat and you didn’t know which cat breeds it was, we have prepared a list of those gorgeous creatures.

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Stylish and elegant American Curl

The first on our list is a breed called American curl. It is exclusively designed by Mother Nature and has unique ears that are curled back. Those ears, walnut-shaped eyes, and silky coat make their famous distinctive features, but the story about their discovery is more brilliant. It was June (1981) in California when Joe and Grace Ruga found this cutie. They noticed its specific look and decided to keep it. They gave the cat name Shulamith, and it was the first American Curl cat ever. Since that time, a worldwide debate has been growing about the genetics behind those strangely curled ears. Finally, scientists proved that this cat breed is completely healthy and that it was just a "product" of nature. We wrote about these cats seven years ago: American Curl - Cat With Curly Ears.

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