Wanna Be an Internet Star? Ask These Cats How! – 11 Pictures

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Some cats are born to be stars, while others are made popular by talented photographers or unusual circumstances. The secrets of popularity are different, but it is a real enjoyment to follow the life of your favorite cat star. Here, we'll check out some famous cats that we haven't talked about so far.

1. Hamilton, the Hipster Cat

Hamilton, the Hipster Cat, became famous from very young age. His unique mustache makes him really stylish and trendy. Check it out on his Instagram page.

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2. Fukumaru

A very touchy life-story of grandmother Misao and her odd-eyed cat Fukumaru has been filmed for more than 10 years by Miyoko Ihara, a photographer and Masao’s granddaughter. The cat Fukumaru, whose name is translated from Japanese as “a circle of good fortune”, followed the granny everywhere she went – to the field, orange garden or a bath. Miyoko Ihara made a special web-site to publish the photo stories of her granny and Fukumaru cat. She also created a hard cover portrait album, which was called “Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat“. See what a happy couple they are!

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