Very Cute and Funny Dog Selfies - 11 Pics

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6. Should I Turn The Flash On?

The greatest struggle for everybody who is taking a photo of themselves – to turn the flash on or not? While taking a photo with friends, you can always ask someone what to do with the flash, and maybe some of them will give you a good advice. But when you’re alone…

Author: Christie Ann Phillips, Description: Alsatian dog lying on the floor and thinking whether to turn on the flash while taking a dog  selfie.

Author: Christie Ann Phillips

7. This Camera is So Heavy!

Hey, little guy what century is that camera from? Come on, you need to stay up to date - that brick belongs in a museum! It’s ‘feather weight’ century, at least when it comes to camras. Tiny, but sweet! Just like you! :)

Author: Clare Seery, Description: Tiny dog holding a very hard camera while taking a dog selfie.

Author: Clare Seery

8. How Do I Zoom?

Zoom? Hey doggy, nobody does that on his own. Let the camera do what it needs to and you can just relax and pose. And smile is obligatory! :)

Author: Samantha Homann, Description: Alsatian dog wants to zoom while taking a dog selfie.

Author: Samantha Homann

9. How Long Should I Wait The ‘Click’?

Sweetie, do you know that the one who waits sometimes waits for so long, sometimes the thing that you’re waiting for happens, sometimes not? What will happen with your photo? When will that ‘click’ happen? Click! There you are! You made it! What a great photo!

Author: Mercedeh Morabi E, Description: The dog being impatient to hear a click while taking a dog selfie.

Author: Mercedeh Morabi E

10. I’m Uploading This Photo on Instagram For Sure!

You should definitely put this photo on your Instagram profile! What a great selfie of an adorable puppy! You’ll get many like for sure… and many true fans too! Here’s a like from me!

Author: Rose Honey, Description: Adorable little dog posing for a dog selfie.

Author: Rose Honey

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