Very Cute and Funny Cat Selfies - 12 Pics

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6. Background is also important

Always! Sometimes the bad background can ruin our photo – messy clothes, dirty garden, dead flowers in the vase… But sometimes the background is responsible for making our photo better, and for proving some facts, just like on this photo – we can be sure who is the King of the Remote. Click!

Author: Sarah Bayoumi, Description: cat selfie mace sa daljinskim upravljačem u pozadini

Author: Sarah Bayoumi

7. Which angle of the camera I should look at?

You’ve already seen dogs that are very interested in taking a photography courses and that they are very successful at taking selfies. Well, there are also many interested cats that are hardworking learners of taking their cat selfies.

Author: Tamika Louise, Description: Mače uči da slika cat selfie

Author: Tamika Louise

8. Bathroom selfies are priceless

Do you ever ask yourself why most of the selfies are made in the bathroom? It seems like that space has become the place for most courageous shots. Is it because of the intimacy of that room or because of the big mirrors and glamorous lighting? This kitty know for sure why its cat selfie was made in the bathroom.

Author: Katrin Myers, Description: cat selfie mace u kupatilu

Author: Katrin Myers

9. As soon as they see this photo, they will knoe whose fan I am

Do you love rock and roll like this kitten? Being a star is not easy, but making a purrrfect cat selfie is a piece of cake. She’s a natural!

Author: Rylee Goedde, Description: cat selfie mace sa isplaženim jezikom

Author: Rylee Goedde

10. Black and white world

This kitty is making a cat selfie and wants to take as to some old, better times – playing in the sand, our first balls and old photos. If we take a time machine a bit further away, we will reach the perfect black and white photo. That photo will be very clear, sharp and innocent and even today it would make an impression for its closeness and freshness.

Author: Ralph Molesworth, Description: požutela fotka cat slefie crno bele mace

Author: Ralph Molesworth

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