Rottweiler, a Good Family Dog - 10 Pics

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When you think of the Rottweiler, more often than not you tend to picture a fierce, confident guarding dog. A chunky, strong and often aggressive breed, the breed has certainly been given a lot of bad press over the last few years. However is this negative image really deserved or is there more to the Rottweiler than meets the eye?

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Protecting the Family

Contrary to popular belief, the Rottweiler is not actually as bad as what people make out. Yes it has the ability to be overly aggressive and to be a superb guarding dog, but on the other hand the Rottweiler can also make an excellent pet. The problem with the breed tends to come from its owners. Due to the fact that the Rottweiler is prone to aggressive tendencies, it will need a firm handler. If you can train the dog from an early age and socialize it with children and strangers, then you could potentially have a very friendly, loyal companion. However, if you simply purchase a Rottweiler puppy and leave it to do what it wants to do, then you could possibly end up with a very badly behaved, dangerous dog.

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