Reality, but With Cats – 13 Pictures

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Playing Time

These guys have a great opportunity to play around inside this closed space full of cameras. But, it would be wrong if you think they are here only to entertain people. No, the main reason has much bigger value. This was a project of the Cat Protection Society. They wanted to put these kittens on the screen and help them find a new home. The lovely show is available to the online stream on Nutiminn.

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Fascinating Stubbur

If you wonder who was the leader of the first Big Brother group, we will clear it up. That was Stub, a brave little animal you can see on the picture. Once he decides something, it is hard to make him change his opinion. 

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Growing up Together

From day to day, the kittens were growing up. During that time, new owners came to knock on the door of the video producers. It was evident that the Cat Protection Society did a great thing to help animals. The people became conscientious, and many took the kittens to their homes. However, let's look around and see how the days were passing by. 

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