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Growing up Together

From day to day, the kittens were growing up. During that time, new owners came to knock on the door of the video producers. It was evident that the Cat Protection Society did a great thing to help animals. The people became conscientious, and many took the kittens to their homes. However, let's look around and see how the days were passing by. 

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I Will Catch You

Not in rare occasions those who were in a mood to follow the program were able to see how the cats were running one after another. This time Gudni, who likes to tease his friends, is running after Ronja. There is nothing strange here, because Ronja is always ready for action, like a real fighter. 

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The Quiet Lady

While others are having real struggles, Briet likes enjoying in her peaceful world. She was usually a reserved kitten, with an optimistic approach to everything. This is why a bathtub looks like a fantastic bed for her. 

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Changing the Team

Well, we know that you will say this was not the member of the first team of Kattarshians. You are right because this is one of the cats that came with the second group of reality show actors. Can we tell you the name of this kitten? We don't think so. Why? You better look at the following picture, and everything will be clear. 

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The Second Group

Just look at the new babies and you will realize why it was so hard to tell you the name of the kitten from the previous page. In the second composition, all the cats were ginger. Maybe, it was hard to recognize them by names, but one thing is true, they were all adorable. 

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