Meet Canuck – a Mischievous and Friendly Crow – 12 Pictures

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There are many cases where wild animals bond with humans and develop a special relationship. This goes for Canuck the Crow as well, the protagonist of our story, who is a troublemaking crow that isn’t afraid of humans and loves to hang out with them, especially with his one special friend who sometimes takes care of him. You have truly missed a lot if you have never heard of this sweet crow, who has a significant number of people following him on social media as well, so use this opportunity to meet this amazing fella.

A very friendly bird

Canuck, even though essentially a wild bird since he flies around freely, is extremely friendly with humans since he was raised by a boy who found him when he was just a hatchling pushed out of his nest. Once he grew strong and old enough, the boy let him fly away. But the lovable little bugger kept coming back to the boy and his neighbor, Shawn Bergman.

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A social media celebrity

Canuck developed a truly special bond with Shawn Bergman and loves hanging out with him. Shawn loves hanging out with Canuck as well, and he decided to share the adventures of this mischievous crow with the rest of the world. He created a Facebook page, Canuck and I, which now has more than 50.000 followers. Of course, Canuck’s popularity jumped through the roof after the famous incident with the Vancouver police

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The infamous crow

Well, the aforementioned incident took place more than a year ago, when Canuck crashed the crime scene and took off with a piece of evidence! His photo with the knife that he took soon went viral and made him the most popular crow in the world. Fortunately, after a brief chase, Canuck dropped the knife and got away without any charges.

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A few more incidents

Being the troublemaker that he is, Canuck the Crow was involved in incidents a few more times. He once attacked a cyclist, who survived this and went back to the crime scene to meet his attacker properly. This incident even granted Canuck an “interview” with CBC Vancouver. Another encounter with Vancouver police happened when Canuck crashed the crime scene of a car accident and left a gift in the form of his poop in one of the police vans that were parked there.

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