Look at How We're Hatching Our Secret Mission - 15 Pics

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Respected guests of Animal's Look, we have selected the most beautiful, likable photos among thousands of them that arrived during last two years. Let’s remember the photos of your pets, and precious beings to all of us. You are already aware of the fact that animals are pretty skilled in completing various tasks, even the secret ones. Everyone knows that dogs are very engaged in the police and secret service, military, as as guids, lifesavers, therapists… And have you heard that there are other animals that are useful and also perform their duties, often secret. There are pigs, African giant pouched rat, pigeon, bear, elephant, camel, horse, dolphin, cattle, bee, monkey, donkey, sea lion, scorpion, mosquito, bat… Their very prominent natural senses, as well as their other qualities, man knew centuries ago. Men has been using animals' senses and other natural qualities through the centuries. Unfortunately, that's the reason we gave up our own senses and skills that nature gave us. With modern age also came better collaboration between men and animals. Even when it comes to secret missions.

1. Seriousness of the Task

Every task in life should be taken very responsibly and approached seriously to solving it. You see how this dog is serious? That is the only way task can be well completed in a short period of time. If picking up your pets’ poop ever becomes a problem, just remember that this is your secret mission. Responsible, fast and efficient, so no one sees you!

Author: Roxanne Bourgie, Description: Two dogs very seriously sit in the car on their secret task

Author: Roxanne Bourgie

2. Confidentiality (Secret Mission)

Top secret! This is not a job for those who like confiding to every neighbor that comes for coffee. Particularly if someone knows how to read the fortune from a coffee cup and manages getting an important information… No, no! Top secret has to be secret, hidden, as a snake in the grass, or as a poop in the grass… Ugh! Do you see how confidential these two hamsters are?

Author: Emma Winter, Description: Two hamsters play through fence like neighbours on a secret mission

Author: Emma Winter

3. Stalking at All Times

This dog is so dedicated to its job. It's like following your child so you could see who is he hanging in the park with, and while you’re hiding behind the tree you feel a warm stream flowing down your legs… and then you realize that you are not the only one who is stalking, but you’re being stalked by your loyal friend. Bummer!

Author: Alexandra Barbanti, Description: Big black dog follows his owner who's in the car

Author: Alexandra Barbanti

4. Partly Camouflaged

You have to be at least partly camouflaged for every secret mission, at least like this dog. You can put the makeup on, hair extensions and do your manicure, put the snow on your face... and you have to feed your pet well at home, so it wouldn’t embarrass you by counting everyone’s bites… And you should take good walk with it so it wouldn’t do something more delicate. You don’t want another: “Bummer!”.

Author: Vicki Reid Kush, Description: This dog partially camouflaged with snow on his head

Author: Vicki Reid Kush

5. Full Camouflage

But if you haven’t catch time to feed your dog and to take a long walk, we’re suggesting that you should do the full camouflage. I bet you can't do better than this cutie on the photo below! Whatever that means. Every case is different.

Author: Courtney Paquette, Description: Little white dog completely camouflaged with white ground

Author: Courtney Paquette

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