How to Train Your Puppy to Sleep in a Dog Bed

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5. Move It to the Bedroom

After successfully training in the living room, it’s time to move it to the bedroom. Try to remove any distractions like your cat, slippers, or anything else your pup likes to play with. If your dog has already been sleeping in your bed, this is where you might run into some challenges. Just like before, use a leash to take your dog to the dog bed and have him lay down. Reward him as soon as he obeys. Once he’s gotten used to the routine, try it without the leash. (This is the part where you hold your breath.)

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6. Be Consistent

At this point, everyone in the household needs to be on the same page. Dogs live in the moment. Imagine how confusing it can be if your partner invites the dog back on the bed when you’re not at home. On, off, on, off – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially a puppy. Everyone needs to be onboard and aware of the correct commands to help your pup succeed.

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7. Correction Time

For those of you with a persistent pup, you’ve got our sympathies. Some animals know what they want and won’t give up until they get it. If your pup resists the dog bed, a squirt of water to the face when he gets on your bed might do the trick. If only you could correct everyone’s behavior with a squirt to the face, life would be a lot easier.

Alas, it works with dogs but not people.

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