How to Take Your Dog in the Car – Without the Drama!

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Owning a dog is more work than most people know. When people think about owning a dog, they think of having the best companion, playing games, and cuddling. However, owning a dog is almost as challenging as having a child. Dogs feed on a specific diet. They need to be washed, and they need to play, sleep, and exercise as well. Like with kids, travelling with a dog is also challenging. Dogs are very playful and active.

When in the car, dogs tend to jump and play around because of the excitement of being in a new environment. The very intelligent creatures learn to associate cars with visits to the park and friends' places. Some have terrible memories associated with cars, especially dogs, from a rescue. Other reasons include the fact that some dogs get car sick, suffer claustrophobia, or simply fear the motion of the vehicle.

These add to the excitement, fear, and restlessness. Getting such a dog inside the car can be difficult because of the fear they associate with the vehicle. So how can you take your dog in the car without the challenges? Here are some useful tips I've picked up.

Choose an appropriate pet carrier

If your dog is small enough to fit in a carrier, this can be a great way to give them a familiar and calming space – as well as stopping them from distracting the driver. It's also safe because most carriers will clip into seat belt attachments and protect the dog in the event of a crash. Pet Carrier Verdict has useful reviews for every type and breed.

Start with short trips and build-up

Sometimes dogs' restlessness and anxiety could be because they are not used to travelling inside a car. In such a case, taking long trips could be such a challenge. Start with short trips to the park and shop. This will help the dog get used to the experience.

Cover your car windows with a sunscreen

One of the reasons why dogs get restless while in the car is the fact that they get to see a lot of things through the window. Covering the windows will help to block some views hence reducing the levels of excitement.

Try training your dog to lie down in the car

Lying down in the car will help make the trip easier for you. It will eliminate the issues of jumping up and down and restlessness in the car. One way to reinforce this behaviour in your dog is by using treats and rewards. Give your dog a treat each time he lies down.

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