How to Get Your Cats to Get Along - 9 Pics

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There is a very common problem when introducing a new cat into a home where you already have a cat. The two cats just don't get along at all. They will fight, claw each other, bite, and cause you to worry. You want your two pets to like each other get along but now you are just worried about the two of them hurting each other. Find out what you can do that will help your two cats get along better.

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Cats Fight

If your two cats aren't getting along right now, keep them separate during the day while you are gone. This will keep them from hurting each other when you are not around to stop it. Have separate feeding bowls, water bowls, and litter boxes. The original cat will be very territorial. He or she won't want to share with another cat. Separating the two will help cut down on some of the tension. Let cats be around each other for a few hours a day while you are watching them. Discipline them if they start to fight. Be very strict and punish the one that is attacking the other one. Try to get your cats to play together. Use a toy that both enjoy and see if they can get along. Sometimes they get into the play and forget about fighting with each other.

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Cats Get Along

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