How Cats Show Affection - 12 Pictures + 1 Video

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Cats are irresistibly sweet but sometimes their behavior irritates us completely. However, it turns out that their sometimes annoying behavior is one way of showing us their genuine affection. Here are the ten ways in which your cat says: "I love you!".

1. Biting

You are resting on the couch with your cat. You start to pet it and it suddenly attacks your hand. Does this ever happen to you? Don't worry. Snacking or "biting out of love" is just another a bit strange way of your cat showing affection. It only wants to play in an “animal style”.

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2. Licking

Cats sometimes mutually "wash themselves", and they can only do that with those cats they adore. By licking themselves cats remove all dirt from their fluffy body, so there isn’t a need for an extra bathing. Unlike dogs, they are much cleaner animals, so if you better think about the fact why they don’t like water – here is the answer. When the cat licks its “favorite human being" it leaves a scent and marks you as a part of the family. This is a sign that you are seen as a friend and that being close to you makes it feel safe.

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