Heroic Hearts of Our Four-Legged Companions – 10 Pictures

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German Shepherd: Guardian & Partner

One of the most well-known service breeds out there, the German Shepherd, is as smart as it is strong. This breed was specifically bred for its brilliance and their ability to catch on to tasks extremely fast. German Shepherds are also very protective of their territory and those they love. Driven to have a duty in life, along with their immense longing to learn new things, German Shepherds are the perfect partners for those in law enforcement fields. The popular show “Rin Tin Tin” emphasizes the German Shepherd’s desire and intelligence in protecting those they love and care for.

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Labrador Retriever: Lifelong Companion & Helper

One of the most beloved breeds out there, Labradors are also the most popular dogs in assisting those with disabilities. Their gentleness with humans, coupled with their high intelligence, make them a perfect companion for helping a person in need of extra assistance. True to their name, Retriever, Labs excel at bringing things back to their owner. This is ideal for someone who struggles at doing daily tasks due to their health or incapacity to do so. Labrador Retrievers have a wonderful temperament and are able to solve problems on their own, making them a great choice for many dog lovers and for those in need of extra help.

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Golden Retrievers: The Golden Breed

A cherished breed among dog lovers and enthusiasts around the world, the Golden Retriever is beloved sidekick for many. Aside from their typical role as a family dog, Golden Retrievers are also used as a seizure alert breed. Golden Retrievers have a natural instinct in sensing an oncoming seizure for those who suffer from them regularly. They can alert their owner to take precaution before one strikes, such as laying down or leaving a crowded area. Golden Retrievers have proven to be loyal and trustworthy companions in watching over their owner’s health and well-being. With one of these dogs at your side, you can always be sure that they will always be looking out for you.

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Bloodhounds: The Sherlock Holmes of Dog Breeds

Have you ever heard the saying, “You have the nose of a Bloodhound?” Well, the saying holds true to the breed itself. Known for their nose, bloodhounds are phenomenal detectives in regards to sniffing out trouble or to help find those who may be in peril. It is estimated that a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is about 1,000 times stronger than a human’s smelling ability. This breed is able to make a mental image of something after sniffing an article of clothing that holds the scent of the desired object that needs to be found. The Bloodhound can follow that scent for miles and can zone out the other smells that may deter this dog from its path. Aside from being a naturally good detective, this determined breed is also a great companion for hunters.

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Great Pyrenees: Protector of the Herd

Human lives are not the only thing that needs to be protected and watched over. Many farmers have ‘guard dogs’ for their livestock. One breed in particular has made it their mission to look over the animals that a farmer holds dear to his livelihood. A Great Pyrenees is a white coated dog whose size can get up to 140 lbs. They are sturdy, yet quick, and they have a natural instinct to protect flocks of goats, sheep and poultry from outside predators.

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heroic hearts of our fourlegged companions 10 pictures 10

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