Friend I Can Rely on - 12 Pics

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Respected guests of Animal's Look, we have selected the most beautiful, likable photos among thousands of them that arrived during last two years. Let’s remember the photos of your pets, and precious beings to all of us. At some point in time, many people would probably confirm that the bar is man's only true friend, because we can always rely on it. Man is an emotional being that reacts to all sort of things, sometimes very violently even if it’s a nonsense, and often do not have more than two good friends during his lifetime (if we count his parents too – they should love him unconditionally despite his flaws). People get disappointed in people, even great friends, they suffer because of bad relationships, they are moving away, neglecting, compromising... It seems to be a little different with animals. They stick to the rule: If I’m not touching you - do not touch me. If you touch me - I'll defend myself and I'll show you my teeth. Any other contact can be considered caring, fraternal, devoted, loyal, faithful... Well, even to people, who may not always deserve it. Animals are wonderful creatures!

1. It's not important to have a lot of friends, but to have the real ones

When the gray kitty leans on the yellow cat and falls asleep, it is a sign of trust, loyalty and friendship. Do you have such a friend? If you have him - keep him, if you do not - look for him.

Author: Denise Fischer Hill, Description: Grey kitty relying on the yellow kitty because that’s a true friend.

Author: Denise Fischer Hill

2. My Friend Is My Other Half

When a dog knows another dog well, they no longer sniff each other but rely on each other. It's a sign of trust. A friend will not betray you, so stop sniffing him, if you haven’t already.

Author: Gianna Bravest Niederhelman, Description: Two dogs do not sniff each other because they are real friends and trust each other.

Author: Gianna Bravest Niederhelman

3. The voice of friend is recognized in the crowd

Even when two cats nap in the deep silence of the noon, you can still hear the inhalation and exhalation, and their heartbeats. Carefree, innocent, honest and friendly heartbeats. A meow and a heartbeat are recognizable to friends.

Author: Sam Llanwarne, Description: White kitty relying on a true friend and listening to its heartbeat.

Author: Sam Llanwarne

4. When a friend sees you, he will be happy, and the enemy will be upset

When two dogs meet, two great friends, they'll hurry to each other to play together. They will be happy because they are together again. Those who do not like each other – they growl!

Author: Roxanne Bourgie, Description: These two dogs relying on each  other so they could nap as true friends do.

Author: Roxanne Bourgie

5. A friend knows everything about you, and still appreciates you

Sleep peacefully, white kitty. Although he knows everything about you, your colorful friend will always love you just the way you are.

Author: Eleanor Green, Description: Grey kitty relying on the white kitty and know everything about her, as a true friend.

Author: Eleanor Green

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