Creative Ideas for Five Star Pet Houses – 14 Pictures

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If you think your pet deserves accommodation fit for royalty then you are completely right. Take a look at these luxurious pet houses that not only look amazing, but are also cozy and warm. Use these as an inspiration and you can turn your pet’s house into a marvel of architecture. Enjoy!

If your backyard needs more flowers but your dog is not a fan, here’s a great idea on how both of you can get what you want. Your dog will need to go to great lengths to mess this garden up. 

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Here’s a home great for active cats. Your kitty will be able to climb, scratch, jump and lounge all in one place. If you have enough space, go ahead and surprise your cat with a house like this. You’ll both enjoy it.

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This amazing rustic dog house is fit for any old-school pouch who likes to have control over its backyard. The dog will have a great view of your property and you will have a great view of this beautiful dog house. 

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If you want to do something creative with your bunny pen, here’s a great idea. You can turn their home into a classy bedroom, including a bed, nightstand and a tiny night lamp. One word: Adorable!

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Everyone enjoys blanket and pillow forts, even pets (especially pets). Surprise your dog with a cozy and warm fort and you can join them anytime you need some rest from the outside world. Forget about all of your problems and take a nap with your pet in a fort like this. 

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