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In the time of great natural disasters, such as floods or fires for example, everyone thinks of helping people in need, saving those people's most important belongings - which is necessary, of course, but people who think about animals in times of such a need and catastrophe are not so numerous. Or are they?

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After the disaster in Fukushima nuclear sites thousands of abandoned dogs, cats and other domestic animals were left in irradiated areas. These animals have suffered dangerously high levels of radiation and wandered the desolate areas hungry, confused and lost, until the winter and cold added to their misfortunes. Thanks to a group of selfless volunteers who dared to enter the forbidden zone of 20 km around the nuclear sites, many of these unfortunate animals were rescued and returned to their thankful owners. Where it wasn't possible, volunteers were trying at least to bring some food to these abandoned animals and help them survive.

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Bears are known to be very intelligent and ornery, and when they want something, they go for it. Most of the times it's food. That was the case with a great bear from Osceola National Forest wandered away in searching for food. He ended up in a residential area, so someone called wildlife authorities. They came quickly and hit him with a tranquilizer dart. But it wasn't the end of the chase. The bear started running towards the Ocean and jumped into it. Just when he found himself in the water, the tranquilizers kicked in and was about to drown. Luckily for everybody, Adam Warwick from Wildlife Commission was near and he immediately jumped in the water to save the bear. Adam succeeded in it, but just imagine his struggle with a limped, drowsy bear. After the couple finally got to the shore, and no one can explain where did Adam get the strength for pulling this 400 pound bear and keeping his head above the water level all the time, the bear was too heavy for the other personnel to carry him, so they needed a transport vehicle, to take him back to safety.

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We saw some examples of animals saving humans some time ago, which was more than fascinating, and thanks to it we can be sure that they wouldn't leave is in the times of trouble. That's one of the good reasons why we shouldn't leave them either. The following pictures are some examples of people who were thinking about their furry pets or some other animals, not even their own, during the natural disasters, or just couldn't leave animals without helping them in other various situations. It is amazing how you can see both fear or confusion with present happenings and thankfulness and relief for being saved in their eyes. These pictures should also be a good example for the rest of the humanity, because some of the people and children even risked their lives in order to help otherwise helpless animals. Some of these pictures tell a very touching story and they really restore the faith in the humanity (at least in the animal lovers and fighters).

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