Beautiful Siberian Cats Coco Chanel and Oscar the Great - 12 Pictures + 1 Video

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6. Oscar wanna go with me

Polisson! He's ready and waiting for departure to the City of Lights. He's fascinated by my stories about wide avenues, fish that swim in La Seine, comfortable benches on which you can sleep your whole life... He's so adorable and really nice, but his hair is still messy, so I won't be taking a walk with him down the Champs-Élysées, and I definitely won't be going to Versailles, Louvre or Moulin Rouge. Oh, Paris, Paris! So many beautiful things can happen in that city! And Montmartre! Oh la la! It's an artists' paradise! Narrow, romantic streets are charming, especially at sunset! Even if you've never been in love, you'd immediately fall in love with this place where great artists used to create: Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh... Have you ever heard of "The Black Cat" ("Le Chat Noir") cabaret on Montmartre? You'll hear more about it some other time, maybe some black cat from Animal's Look could tell you something about that place. I'm more interested in the fact that many famous people spent their time in there, and I'll be one of them! Coco Chanel, la chat célèbre!

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7. Eiffel Tower

I know why Oscar is looking forward to our trip to Paris. First of all, he simply can't live without me. The second reason is that he wants to get on top of the Eiffel Tower so much, that he wouldn't be able to wait for the elevator and he'd go by paws, up the stairs. He's impressed by the tower's height, and he only saw it in a picture. Maybe he would be dissappointed when he'd go all the way up and wouldn't see his home? Maybe he'd try really hard to find it, so he'd stay up for an eternity? Oh, yes! Knowing Oscar, he'd be hungry and he'd look for a butcher insted of his house.

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8. Oscar studies the map of Paris

I had to point out to Oscar that Eiffel Tower isn't the only amazing place in Paris. I also told him that he should get informed about history, culture, famous people, museums, etc. so his trip would be more interesting and he would have more information on where he's going. It's not nice if you go somewhere and don't know anything about that place, those animals, parks, streets and trees. That's the reason he's now exploring the map of Paris with mommy. They're having a great time and they'll keep having fun for a while, because Paris is a big city; there are many things one should see, and many cats that are waiting to get to know me!

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9. Sink ideal for two cats

I told you Oscar is silly but he really knows how to snuggle! Easy Oscar, mom have already combed me!

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10. Help Oscar

Oscar is very perky and impatient, because he can't wait for our voyage. He found out that Arc de Triomphe is in Paris, so he's looking forward to seeing it and going under it. But Oscar has a problem that he can't solve alone - he should decide which picture he's going to put in the passport. I tried to help him, but I really can't decide - his hair is messy on both of them! I've warned him that maybe they won't let them get on the plain with hair like that, but he just told me that I'm overreacting, just like any other woman and artist! Help him if you can, but I don't want to participate in that.

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