An Adoarble Place - Racoon House – 10 Pictures + 2 Videos

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The raccoons have long nails and they love scratching. So, when you come in, wear long clothes and be ready to have little scratches everywhere. No worries, the raccoons here are friendly and fun! This is just the way they play around. You might be surprised, but for the security reasons, there are many bottles of hyperoxide everywhere, so instructors and guests antisepticise the skin right after a scratch.

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Anyone interested can buy a variety of raccoon souvenirs – toys, bags, cups, books and even embodied pictures. It is possible to do it even online.

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In the States, raccoons are known as bullies, who sneak into people’s houses, drink the milk from the fridge and ruin the trashcans. In the wild nature, they can also be quite aggressive, as they protect their own lives. So if you want to have a pet raccoon, you should raise it properly from the early "childhood".

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Anastasia works as a nanny at the raccoon’s nursery. The tiny raccoon babies need as much attention and care as human toddlers. Every two hours they need to be fed. Baby raccoons love going for a walk and playing active games. They also need to have their raccoon massage and get used to their humans. When raccoons realize that humans will not do them any harm, they will never harm a human either.

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Having a pet raccoon at home is not only an exotic and trendy thing. It is a giant responsibility. Racoons cannot live in a cage, no matter how big it is. They will run all around your house, creating a mess. They will check how much money you have in your purse and what food you hide in the highest cupboard. When you take your raccoon for a walk, be ready that this fluffy, cute thing will want to play with every single dog you meet.

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