10 Pics Showing That, No Matter What, Cats Will Always Be Cats

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Cats' obsession with boxes remains a mystery. While some guess they like them because boxes make em feel secure, others speculate that it's their hunting instinct kicking in, and they see box as a perfect place to hide and ambush anything passing by, including your foot. We've already seen that no place is too tight for them, now it's time to show you that even their bigger feline relatives are not that different.

1. A Quickie

Whatever the reason behind their love of boxes is, one thing is certain: there’s hardly a place more fitting for some quick doze-offs. Ain’t it right? Big boxes, different shaped boxes, and small boxes - they simply adore them! If you place a chair, a shelf full of books, or a box in front of any cat specie - it will quickly choose its majesty called - THE BOX!

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10 pics showing that no matter what cats will always be cats 1

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