Touching Story of a Little Kitty – 16 pics

The story takes place in Russia. One couple was walking down the street on a rainy day and bumped into this little kitty that was “all bruised, half-dead with plenty of fleas”. They felt very sorry for it and decided to pick it up and get it into shape. This is a photo of her first day under the roof right after she was washed.

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Second day.

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The couple added that their sphinx cat has never liked other animals that were in the house sometimes but with this little red kitten, he behaved as if he was her big brother.

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Several days after, she finally looked like a 'real kitten'.

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Her first walk, she was scared of everything.

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She was a bit scared from the couple’s dog at first, before they became amazing buddies. πŸ™‚

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One month later, the couple found her good owners and gave her away. This is how she looked when she left them. They’ve done an incredible job with her!

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And this is how she looks today.

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