Wildlife in Coldest Place on Earth - 10 Pictures

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Do you remember how cold can it get during the winter months and how do we react to it? Well, there are many animals that live normally in the coldest part of Earth, not complaining at all. In the heart of the biggest country in the world lies Siberia, one of the most hostile regions for both humans and wildlife. Siberia still contains the greatest expanse of wilderness on the planet. This frozen and hostile land maybe kept civilization away, but it has a lot of animal species who are used to the bone-breaking temperatures, such as -50 or even -90 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some animals that are small numbered, unique and very rarely caught on camera.

1. Eurasian wolves

Russia contains world's largest population of gray wolves, around 50,000. These animals live in packs, containing from 2 to 35 wolves. A large wolf pack can reign over 5,000 square miles of territory, which is about the size of Connecticut. They can be only found in isolation and catching them on film is still very rare. In this frozen world, they have to scrape the ice to quench their thirst.

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2. Wild Yakutian horses

In Siberia's far north lies Yakutia, the coldest region on the planet with temperatures that can go down to -95 degrees Fahrenheit. Wild Yakutian horses are adapted to survive these ferocious temperatures, by keeping a movement to a minimum. Over the time they also developed a thick skin and dense fur to shield them from temperatures below – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one the most ancient breed of horses that can be found only in this part of the world.

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