Who Are the Best Fathers in the Animal Kingdom? – 10 Pictures

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Like in our own lives, in lives of our animal friends, the family represents something huge, a community that plays a great role in their growing up, teaching them about life and how to survive in the harsh world. We all already know that mothers play a significant role in the lives of their offspring since the fact has been mentioned several times in other articles. However, it seems that fathers of the animal kingdom were disregarded and we can assure you that they certainly do not deserve that treatment. Some animal dads are so devoted to bringing up and protecting their offspring that they deserve a “shout out”. That is why this article will be devoted to the most amazing dads in the animal kingdom.

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1. Red Fox

When you think of foxes you probably picture a cunning animal and a trickster, and certainly not one of the best parents in the animal kingdom. After giving birth, the mother fox needs to be with her children constantly and provide them with safety and warmth. That is when the male foxes need to prove themselves as fathers. In the first month after birth, the father fox is in constant pursuit of food for the whole family. And afterwards, when little foxes start getting out of the den, their father doesn’t leave them to struggle, but teaches them how to hunt their food by hiding it somewhere around the den. 

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