Weird and Unusual but Definitely Adorable Cat Breeds – 12 Pictures

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While for some people this breed looks a bit creepy, for others it is one of the most beautiful cat breeds ever. It is truly an original kitty with a perfect mix of Munchkin size and the Sphynx hairlessness. It was created in Boston in 1998 by Paul McSorley and soon became one of the most unique cats in the World.

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Exotic Shorthair Cat

Incredibly fluffy Exotic Shorthair cat with round shaped eyes has the most worried look among all other cat breeds. It somehow looks like a Persian cat, but with one crucial difference. Unlike Persian, Exotic Shorthair is super friendly. Their breed began to take root in 1950’s when an American breeder decided to pair a Persian and a brown Burmese and later on, pair that mix with the American Shorthair.

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Donskoy cat

If you like a cat who acts like a dog, and you don’t like hair all around the house, meet the Donskoy Cat! This strange-looking, muscular cat with wrinkled skin gained the spotlight in 1987 when Elena Kovaleva from Russia found this tiny kitty in the box. She got scared when she saw that this kitty actually didn’t have any hair, so she tried giving it medicines and vitamins for coat growing. Soon, the kitty named Varvara became completely hairless and that’s how Elena found out it was actually a new cat breed.

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Selkirk Rex

Did you know that this is the only cat breed named after a person? Well, this weird cutie was found in the late 80’s when it was born through a natural genetic mutation. Later, it was crossed with a Persian cat and got the name “cat in sheep’s cloth”.

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Ukrainian Levkoy

Don’t be afraid of this mystical creature because it gets on well with people! Because of its long and angular head, it is often called a “dog-like” cat. It is extremely child-friendly and perfect pet for people who have problems with allergies. Similar to Donskoy Cat, it is often mistaken for it, but actually, it is not the same cat breed.

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