Ways to Entertain Your Cat - 8 Pics

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It has often been said that cats are quite apathetic and don't really crave as much attention, as probably dogs do. However, not all cats are the same. You can compare a bored cat with an unsupervised child who both can do damage around your house. It is a sign that when your cat starts behaving strangely, he is trying hard to catch your attention, and is desperately trying to tell you to get involved with his life.

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Cat Entertainment

What can you do to entertain your cat? Observe your cat by spending time with him regularly and see the type of behavior he displays. Learn the things that amuses him. Spend some quality time with your cat and don't do other things while you are with him like working on your computer.

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Cat Entertainment

Your cat will get the message that you're not interested to spend time with him, so he will simply find other things to occupy him. Go figure, why you would often see rolls of toilet paper scattered around the house. Maybe he finds it more interesting than you!

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Cat Entertainment

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