Very Cute and Funny Cat Selfies - 12 Pics

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Respected guests of our blog and/or our Facebook page, we have selected the most beautiful, likable photos among thousands of them that arrived during last two years. Let’s remember the photos of your pets, and precious beings to all of us. Well, dogs are not the only ones who love making a selfies (For dog selfies, go to: Very Cute and Funny Dog Selfies - 11 Pics). Cats just adore photography! And they are very talented – the camera loves them. Also, they are very liberal and independent, and they love being on their own. The only exception is when it comes to food, and that’s the occasion when they need a helping hand. As they are so independent, the smallest problem for them is to press the button and take a selfie. Our pets always know what is best for them – how to find the best angle, light and look, so they can look amazing on their photos. We can’t blame them – they are really adorable! Smile! Click! Cat selfie! :)

1. How Serious And Smart I Am!

This refined sir, Ginger Cat, does not love frivolous photos and does not value them at all. So he doesn’t let anything gets in his way – he photograps himself, so-called cat selfie. Fair enough!

Author: Anne-Christin Fürstenau, Description: Riđi mačak je ozbiljan dok slika cat selfie

Author: Anne-Christin Fürstenau

2. They Say I’m Angry When They Wake Me Up. I Don’t Believe Them!

This sweetie seems to be a bit suspicious, but there is a solution – one click, one cat selfie. The photo is great, but I don’t see how it can help him. It is well-known that cats love sleeping (I’m sorry, napping), but maybe he could smile a bit, at least when he’s waking up. Smile! :)

Author: Sally Ann Simkiss, Description: Maca slika cat selfie kada se probudila

Author: Sally Ann Simkiss

3. Can Camera Capture The Mischief?

When they are not napping, kitties are playing and they can be very naughty. This cutie tried to capture the moment of its mischief and show to everyone that cats are not lazy but full of energy – positive energy, of course!

Author: Michele Mulder, Description: cat selfie slatke nestašne mace

Author: Michele Mulder

4. My Lovely Cat Eyes Have to Be In Close-Up

„Cat eyes“ are very useful on a road at night, they can be warning to an enemy, but also the romantic wink to someone’s hear and the lovely reminder that they are watching and protecting them. This kitty has beautiful eyes and wants to capture that. Click!

Author: Pamela Anne Moffatt, Description: Cat selfie mace sa divnim mačjim očima u krupnom planu

Author: Pamela Anne Moffatt

5. Is This Selfie Too Good for Instagram?

The fact is that kitties are always adorable. Also, they are very confident – they know that whatever they do, however they behave and look, we will always love them just the way they are. Kitty, you are the most beautiful in the world! :)

Author: , Description: cat selfie mace za profil na fejsbuku

Author: ime autora

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