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Nice to meet you!

For a very short time he became worldwide superstar, there is even the phenomenon named after his name - Knutomania. All over the globe people were able to buy toys, books, DVDs or media specials about Knut. As a famous tourist attraction, Knut has brought huge number of people in the Zoo in Berlin. He hasn’t got a special program to animate crowd, he was just doing his usual activities, and it was fun to others. Imagine that you got almost equal publicity as celebrity newborn babies. Shocking and fascinating at the same time!

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Let’s get a score!

As he grew older, from a large number of toys that have been available to him he would eventually always chose a soccer ball. This shouldn’t surprise us, because in his country, Canada, soccer is one of the most popular sports. Young children in the audience were very interested watching stunts with his ball.

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Enough with cameras!

It's normal to be shy sometimes. Especially when you get so much attention from early days, like Knut. There are times when it’s not hard to entertain large crowd of people that come to visit him every day but in the end, it can be exhausting too.

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Bath time!

Just like other polar bears, Knut also likes to spend time in water, cooling off or cleaning his fur. Especially because he gets dirty so often playing in the sand and avoiding the fact that polar bears in Arctic Circle try very hard to stay clean, unlike him.

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Knut book ‘How One Little Polar Bear Captivated The World’?

The Book “How one little polar bear captivated the world” was written by Juliana and Craig Hatkoff. The book is adjusted for children, it’s photobook, because it’s combination of pictures of Knut and couple of sentences about his life. It’s not necessary to talk about how many copies of this book were sold. Pictures used in this book were chosen to show similarity in early life of one little bear and human baby, and it worked. People loved this book, and loved Knut.

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unusual love that became legendary 10 pictures 10

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