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It’s not the first time we hear about unconditional love between people and wild animals. For animals raised in different surrounding than wilderness, there’s nothing unusual in becoming friendly with humans. This behavior is especially characteristic for animals in the Zoo. In the end, isn’t it all about the friendship and love? This polar bear, called Knut, was born in Berlin Zoo, 11 years ago. Looking like a small snow ball and rejected by his mother at birth, he was raised by Zookeepers.

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Like a baby

Knut spent his first weeks in an incubator. Still very small and completely without fur, he needed somebody to take care about him. That’s the part in the story where Thomas Dörflein gets involved. He lived in the break room next door and took care of this little bear, bathed, bottle fed and played with him. Living so close was the ideal solution, because Knuts meals were supposed to be in two-hour-space, just like when mother feeds her newborn baby. Imagine you have little polar bear instead of cute baby?

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