Top 5 Rarest Cats

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The 21st century is marked not only by new technologies but also by an ever growing number of extinct and endangered animals. Apart from the extinct animals we will never see, these rare felines are so few since they are either threatened by loss of habitat or they have suffered from rare color mutation. Take a look at the rarest animals in the world!

1. The Maltese Tiger


The Blue tiger was reported mostly from the Fujian Province of China, being characterized by a bluish fur with dark stripes. The Maltese tigers have been reported as a subspecies of the South Chinese tiger, that is critically endangered. A blue tiger cub was born in 1964, in the Oklahoma Zoo, but died in its infancy. There are no blue tigers in zoos or private collections, and no known blue tiger pelts.

2. The Golden Tabby Tiger


The golden tiger has its white coat and gold patches due to an extremely rare colour variation caused by a recessive gene. Around 30 tigers are believed to exist in the world but many more are carriers of the gene. Records of the golden or strawberry tiger date back to the 1900s, in India. The first golden tiger cub born in captivity was in 1983 and this came from standard colored Bengal tigers.

3. The Iberian Lynx


The world’s most endangered cat in terms of species, out of the total of 36, stands on the edge of extinction. Despite all the efforts to save it, only around 100 felines remain, divided between two unconnected breeding populations in Andalusia. The Lynx’s extinction that will soon follow will be the first extinction of a world feline. This is due to the decimation of the rabbit, its favorite prey, by diseases such as myxomatosis and VHD. Rabbits make up 75-100% of lynxes’ diet, the cat only needing one a day. The Iberian Lynx currently holds the record for being world’s most threatened species of cat, and the most threatened carnivore in Europe.

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