Top 5 Cute and Cuddly Exotic Pets

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Are you looking for an exotic pet that will really catch the attention of your friends and family? Do you want a pet that you are certain no one else you know will have? If you are looking for a truly unique pet that is still cute and cuddly, you might want to consider one of these top 5 cute and furry exotic pets.

1. Kinkajou

Kinkajous are naturally found in the rain forest and are listed as being at "lower risk" by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. These cute little critters are naturally very affectionate and friendly, which make them particularly popular among exotic pet aficionados. Kinkajous do have sharp teeth that are designed to eat meet. Yet, the enjoy eating plenty of other common, every day foods such as eggs, bananas, marshmallows, and cereal. It should be noted, however, that Kinkajous are nocturnal and tend to make a great deal of noise after the sun has set.

2. Bengal Cat

Despite its name, the Bengal cat is not related to the Bengal tiger in any way. Rather, they are hybrid cats that are the result of cross-breeding between house cats and exotic cats. Some variations of Bengal cats include kitties called the toyger, the Serengeti, and the cheetoh. The more pure bread the Bengal cat is, the more you can expect to pay for it. Despite their larger size, most owners of Bengal cats have very little problems with them other than those problems typically associated with owning a cat, such as the tendency to claw and tear at furniture.

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