Top 10 New Kitten Essentials

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If you’re considering bringing a new furry friend into your family, you’ll want to grab all your new kitten essentials that you’ll want to buy before you rush out to the shelter! As tempting as it is to adopt first and shop later, a little bit of planning will go a long way to making kitty’s transition into your home as smooth as possible. Besides, once you get that bundle of fuzz into your arms, you won’t want to leave him to run out and buy everything he needs! To help you prepare, check out the list of the most important new kitten essentials below.

1. Number of a good vet

Research local vets and choose one before you even think about bringing kitty home. Emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to find a good vet while your cat is howling in pain. Ask pet-owning friends and family for recommendations or call your local shelter and find out who they use.

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2. Kitten Food

Do you know what the best kind of kitten food is? Here’s a hint: you won’t find it in a bag. Vets recommend feeding kittens wet food (the kind you find in a can or a pouch). Ideally, you’ll continue feeding wet food to your kitty throughout his entire life, as it’s better for his kidneys. You can supplement with a really good grain-free dry food as a treat. You don’t always have to buy a specific kitten canned food, just opt for brands or varieties with about 35-40% protein content.

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3. Food & Water Bowls

Now that you have the food, you’ll need a place to put it! Go with small non-slip bowls for now. You can always upgrade to cuter bowls and fun fountains later. Make sure you’re putting the bowls far away from your cat’s litter box, your kitten will be greatful. Just like humans, kitties don’t really like to eat in their bathrooms!

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4. Small Litter Box and Scoop

If you’re bringing home a young kitten, start off with a small litter box. Not only will it save you time during scooping, but it’s also not big enough for your kitten to play in. Yes, they WILL play in their fun little “sandbox” if they have enough space! While you’re shopping for the box, grab yourself a scoop, too. Stainless steel scoops are great because the litter just slides right off.

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5. Kitten-friendly cat litter

All cat litter is not created equal, especially where your kitten is concerned. While clumping clay litter is by far the easiest to deal with, many brands are also potentially harmful to your teeny cat. Like all babies, kittens explore with their mouths, so at some point he’s going to try to eat it. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll end up breathing in dust when he kicks around to cover his business. So, make sure you buy a brand that’s 99% dust-free (finding 100% dust-free litter is incredibly difficult).

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