Toddlers + Pets = Adorable Combinations – 10 Pictures

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If you ever thought that leaving your kids with pets might be a good idea, we are going to convince you the opposite. We have prepared a compilation of funny photos with pets and kids for you. As you can see, children can do anything that comes to their mind. The parents of this little girl were probably not so happy by seeing this situation when they got home. Children in the early age like to imitate everyone, so where is a better way that this one to play with cats?

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Summer is coming

When summer is coming, everyone likes spending their time outside. These two fellows decided to cool down a little bit, but the result is not so brilliant. Wet clothes and the messy yard is not such a great result for caring parents. However, every child needs a partner in spending free time and this little guy has found the best one!

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Games without limits

Cats are intelligent but also tolerant with children. They like playing games with them and letting them do anything they wanna do. On the other hand, children do not know where the limit is until the other side gets visibly upset. This cat definitely likes this cute little guy so it lets him sit onto it. 

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Discovering forbidden places

Is there a better feeling than doing something forbidden? We will tell…of course not! When you are left alone in the house and you know what you should and shouldn’t do, there is no bigger opportunity to investigate than in that time. You want to find everything that you couldn’t even imagine existed. Having in mind that kids are the cutest thing in the world, we can’t get mad at them, so we should just deal with the results like these.

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Afternoon nap

Pets are known as the best guards of children and this picture perfectly shows us that fact, but there is one strange thing about these two. The dog wanted to try baby’s pacifier and it seems he likes it very much. We wonder what is going to be a baby’s reaction after realizing there is no pacifier.

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