They Traveled a Long Way to Find Home – 9 Stories

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How many times have you wondered how the dog or a cat has found their way back home? These stories are not only legends - these are true stories about pets coming back. While dogs are capable of traveling a great distance to get home because of their powerful human-dog bond, cats can travel the same distance but for returning to their territory (sorry-cat-owners).

However, nobody wants to think about the possibility of a lost pet, but these stories will surely make you believe in miracles.

they traveled a long way to find home 9 stories 2

1. Found two years later

In this story about a lost dog, the blanket played the biggest role. Murphy, five-year-old golden retriever went missing in California’s Tahoe Forest on a camping trip in 2012. After an exhaustive search, her family didn’t receive a single lead until June 2014. A camper who saw this thin dog noticed that the dog was sleeping on a blanket that was put on many pictures of this missing dog.  Murphy’s family brought their clothes and the blanket hoping to attract their dog, and that’s how she was found. There wasn’t greater happiness for this family and Murphy. 

they traveled a long way to find home 9 stories 3

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