They Are Cheating and They Do That Cute – 9 Pictures

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It's not nice to be a fraud, but... Sometimes it's worth to behave like that. There are animals that are real experts in cheating. However, they do it in a special way so is simply impossible to get angry at some of them. See which animals have become real professionals to cleverly overcome certain situations.

The Master of Deception

No one is that skilled in setting eggs to other birds as a cuckoo. This highly intelligent bird is very lazy. She does not like to engage in educating of young, so she is skipping this hard work in an interesting way – she is cheating other birds by planting her eggs in other nest. While young birds do not hatch, their second, cheated mother has no idea that she has been deceived. When tiny birds come to the world, then it is too late to move them out of the nest. Maternal love is stronger than any differences and maternal heart accepts all her children, even though sometimes they are not all the same like other brothers and sisters.

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Intelligent Orangutans

You probably know that the orangutans are very smart, but do you know how much? Experts say that their intelligence is lagging very little behind the people and their skills are impressive. They know how to craft tools, which other animals simply cannot do. However, it is not only the fact they know how to make the necessary tools, they perfectly use what they make. There are very frequent stories of orangutans who make their perfect tool to fetch keys from the lock. This is how many gets out of the cage. These small lures are real professionals.

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