The World's Best Flyers - 11 Pictures

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Animal kingdom's majestic rulers of the sky, every bird-lover surely appreciates the beauty of these winged wonders of Mother Nature. But how fast can they go? Who's the fastest, who's the most durable, who's the most maneuverable... who's the swiftest?

The Fastest Bird in the World

When it comes to sheer speed, the peregrine falcon reigns supreme at the mind-numbing speed of 240 miles per hour. Wow, Miss Peregrine, that's pretty fast! The peregrine falcon uses its speed to its hunting advantage. There is no creature that can outfly this lightning-fast bird of prey. Or is there? Keep reading, and hold onto your seat.

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Long Distance Champion

When it comes to long distance flights, the pigeon comes to mind as one of the most durable birds in the world, thanks to those bulky little chests of theirs. This is why messenger pigeons were a thing, as well as their amazing navigation memory that allows them to unmistakably find their way back home. They are able to traverse vast distances without ever getting tired. Some of the messenger pigeons have been known to cross large bodies of water, which meant a long, sustained flight without encountering patches of land to rest on. But when it comes to short-distance flight, the pigeon's speed tops at around 90 miles per hour. So how does the pigeon outfly the falcon?

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Target Acquired: the Peregrine Falcon Diving

While not as fast as the falcon, the pigeon has a trick up his sleeve. As the falcon dives at its top speed, the pigeon employs its wide field of vision as well as a cunning escape maneuver, to roll sideways at the last moment. Ideally for the pigeon, the falcon misses its mark as it plunges forcefully downward. By the time the falcon recovers from its dive, the pigeon will have already made its escape.

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Pigeon vs. Falcon

Although neither faster nor more maneuverable than the diving falcon, the pigeon is able to escape by a paper-thin margin, using the laws of physics to its advantage. You might think twice about who's winning the race here. Speed doesn't always prevail.

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