The Struggle Is Real - 26 Things Every Cat Owner Goes Through

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Lions may be kings of all animals but cats are certainly kings of all pets! They are the favorite pets in the U.S.A and no one can outsmart and trick them! So far, beside the fact that cats can really show they love you, a lot of us learned the hard way that owning a cat can be absolutely adorable, but sometimes very stressful experience. You've seen that cats can be jerks and that they can turn your life upside down just so it could fit their desires. Next pictures will show you other, a bit funnier, things that every cat owner experiences.

1. They are stubborn but also sweet

“I have to do what I intended, otherwise I will not be a cat anymore!” If you’re a cat owner, then we are sure that your day looks exactly like this… You can never be bored with a cat!

the struggle is real 26 things every cat owner goes through 1

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