The Cat in Sheep’s Clothing – 10 Pictures

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It has been proven thousands of times that nature is boundless, and just when you thought you’ve seen everything, the new creation of nature appears! The story of this unusually curly cat dates from 1987 when the first cat of this type was born. Her name was Miss De Pesto and she was one of the six newborn kittens in an animal shelter in Montana. She was so different and beautiful at the same time, so the Persian breeder, Jeri Newman, decided to adopt her.

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The main descendant

As you can guess, that lovely creature was named after a character from the 1980s TV show Moonlighting and soon, Newman had decided to breed her with a Persian cat breed.

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New stars are born

The mix of those two breeds gave us one the most beautiful cat breeds you could ever imagine. The newborn star has been named with kinda’ strange name - Photo Finish of Deekay and later, she produced six gorgeous kittens and three of them had abnormally curly hair.

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“Poodle cat”

It was official! The new cat breed was born thanks to the strong genes of Miss DePesto and it has been given the name The Selkirk Rex - the new cat breed ready to become one of the most popular and most lovable cat breeds. Soon, it got different nicknames like “the cat in sheep’s clothing”, “poodle cat”, and “living teddy bear”. Owners of this cat breed can often hear questions like “Why don’t you groom your cat? “Or “Is your cat having a bad hair day?” but they don’t know that it would be mission impossible to straighten that marvelous hair!

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Unique name

However, the Selkirk Rex cat breed is for sure one of the most uncommon breeds in the World. Their name came from the name of Newman’s stepfather and it makes them the only cat breed named after a person.

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