Sweet and Unique Sphynx Cats Like to Play - 14 Pictures + 3 Videos

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If you can imagine a cute cat taking off her fur before going to bed, probably you are very close to imagine Sphynx cat​, unique and interesting cat that was raised first in Toronto, Canada.

Special Look Attracts Attention

At the first sight you will notice two big open ears and a bit scared eyes looking at you confused. You might be surprised if you meet this cat and have the impression it sneaks slowly. But, that is only the first contact.

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The Cute Kitty Likes to Explore

Very soon you will find out these strange-looking cats are very curious. At the moment you meet one of them for a first time, she will look at you like she has a thousand questions.

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Kitty Without Hair? I Don't Believe It!

Try to come closer and take the kitten in your hands – you will see Sphynx is a hairless cat. It looks exactly like a naked baby. Some people say these cats are ugly, but don't you think this is so sweet?

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Little Kitty Enjoys Playing

It is up to you to find a way how to play with small kittens, but a piece of string is always a good choice to get some attention. Your game can last for hours, as they will never get enough of your time.

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Tiny Niggler in the Action

The more kitties you put together - the more fun they will bring. Their endless buffoonery can cheer you up even when they do things which in a different situation can irritate you.

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