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Yes, we are used to cats acting like they don’t care about anybody else and treat other people and animals like they own them and dogs are always good, nice and playful, and they never act like jerks. Well, that is not entirely true. Sure, cats exhibit that type of behavior more often than dogs, but that doesn’t mean that dogs can’t be mean and do things that aren’t really acceptable in civilized society. So, in order to break this myth about dogs being just perfect, we have decided to find some examples of dogs behaving badly towards other animals and humans.

I like this pillow a lot!

I guess the perfect way to start our list is to show you how dogs can often treat cats badly. I know many of you will think that cats deserve it and that it is good to see cats being victims for a change, but that still doesn’t justify this dog’s behavior. You can’t just sit on people/animals!

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Get in!

Well, we’ve all done it, right? Pushing someone into the pool unexpectedly just seems like too much fun, and I bet that even if you have never done it, you wanted to do it many times. I know I wish I did it or that I wouldn’t mind if someone did it to me and this dog seemed really eager to get the human into the water. He did a perfect job.

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Do you like the view?

Yeah, there is a lot of face sitting on this list. I guess dogs love to sit on other animals and humans and they don’t really care whether they like it or not. This pug found a perfect place to put his butt and he is just enjoying himself. I am not so sure about the woman in the photo, though.

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I am the evil master, muhahaha

I know that this photo doesn’t really show a dog that is being a jerk, but it can certainly be interpreted that way. I mean, doesn’t this pooch look like he is laughing in an evil manner? And the cat seems imprisoned inside, right? Anyway, that is surely one way to look at this photograph.

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I’m sorry, are you sleeping?

Just look at that face of sheer joy. This dog really loves doing silly things to the cat and it is pretty obvious. However, what I like the most here is how the cat seems undisturbed by the dog. The cat is still sleeping, like nothing is happening!

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