Snow Leopard Facts - 10 Pics

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Snow Leopard Introduction The Snow Leopard is a medium sized feline, and one that is absolutely gorgeous. It has a very thick fur coat due to the regions where it lives. The coat is a gray or tan color with dark spots on it. They have white on the bottom of the face, the neck, and the underside of the belly. They feature very large eyes, a large head, and rounded ears.

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Snow Leopard

Description The paws on the Snow Leopard are very large. This allows them to have lots of power. This also offers them the ability to walk effortlessly across snow and ice. This design of their Anatomy gives them a huge advantage over prey they are chasing. They have large nasal passages which are necessary since they are taking in such thin air in those high mountain elevations.

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Snow Leopard

Distribution The snow Leopard can live up to 18,000 feet above sea level. It can be extremely cold in such areas. They live in South Asia in the Mountain areas. They have a very wide distribution though. There aren't very many of them remaining in China or Russia. Most of them are in the area of Nepal. However, their locations can shift depending on food availability. They are very adaptable and that is part of what makes them so interesting.

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Snow Leopard

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