Silly Cats of Bodega Stores – 12 Pictures

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They are silly resident cats, they are a symbol of the relaxing environment, and they are going to break the Instagram! They are Bodega cats and, as TheGuardian stated, they’ve decided to take control of local corner stores. If you are still not sure about what we are talking about, scroll down to read the marvelous story about these adorable animals.

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New York’s most beloved animals

It’s a fact that most of the people love cats. How can someone not love those gentle and fluffy creatures? Going through the streets of New York and entering a random “Bodega” store, you will find cats that live among the merchandise. So, it’s better to be prepared for a suddenly jumping and flying cat from the shelves. Workers from Bodegas have also come up with a great idea to collect money for those magnificent animals and buy them food.

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The part of their families

New Yorkers simply adore them and consider them to be a part of their families. So-called “bodegas” have become a New York institution. Anyone who has lived or still lives in this city has her/his own bodega cat that s/he has fallen in love with. They look simply adorable and it seems like every store has a mascot.

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Somewhere where the story starts

Paul MC Donald, who is a co-founder and CEO of Bodega, didn’t know what would be the reaction to the name. He wanted to return people to traditional bodegas and he succeeded. Soon, the cats started to become permanent guests and that’s how they’ve become a part of the community. Those cats consider bodegas for their homes, and this is how they enjoy. It seems it’s the right time for chilling for this cutie.

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Elegant protectors

Animals are brilliant and charming. They are a collective image of us and plus - they are useful. A common occurrence in a crowded city like NY is a large number of pests like mice and rats. Elegant and adorable cats stand in their way just by their very presence. Although it is forbidden for a bodega store to keep any animal, these cats have given the NYC rebellious spirit. What a totally organic pest control! While some of the people are strongly against the crazy idea of keeping them, the others are simply thrilled. There is even the petition for legalizing bodega cats that has received more than 5,000 signs so far. Look at this cutie wondering: “Hmm, what’s for lunch today? There are so many choices, but tuna sounds great! ”

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