Siberian Huskies Are Great Pets - 8 Pics

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Siberian Huskies make for great pets and family dogs, but, like any animal they have needs. As long as you probably care for your Siberian Husky it will be hard to find a more loving and fun animal to have as a pet. They are pack orientated dogs and love to be around you because to them you are their family and pack. They are great guard dogs and when they sense danger they will defend you and your family.

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Siberian Husky

Huskies are known for being a sled dog and have a lot of energy which makes them a great dog for the person with an active lifestyle. It is very important to run, jog or walk your dog every day to let them release some of their energy. If you do not, it may lead to destructive tendencies in your dog's behavior. They may begin excessive digging, tearing out plants, scratching fences and doors, or shredding dog beds, and stuffed toys. They are just trying to release their energy any way they can, but, if exercised they will not have the need to be destructive. When Siberian Huskies are walked, jogged or gone have gone running they will be relaxed loving creatures who will follow you around the house or yard.

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Siberian Husky

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