Senile Cats: Why My Cat Is Acting Weird and What to Do - 14 Pics

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Has your senile cat been acting strangely of late? Has it been withdrawn or eating less? The chances are that your cat might be having dementia. Cats also age, just like us. Read on for more info on dementia signs plus what to do.

Cat Health - Definition of Feline Senile Dementia

Also known as Cognitive Dysfunction System, senile cat dementia is a cat mental health disorder that affects old cats. It's connected with brain aging and can lead to cat behavior problems such as anxiety plus a worsening of the cat's awareness, the capability to learn, and hearing perception. This disorder leads to alterations in levels of activity, confusion, plus changes in sleeping patterns. These issues can make a feline feel agitated and more stressed. Senile dementia in felines can cause a feline to forget ordinary, natural activities such as eating.

What Brings About this Disorder?

Senile dementia in cats is similar to dementia in human beings. Changes such as a reduction in blood flow to the brain can make brain cells damaged, tired, and also make it hard to maintain healthy brain function. It, in turn, leads to dementia in a senile cat. Additionally, genetics can lead to feline senile dementia.

The Age When Feline Senile Dementia Kicks in

The mental abilities of your feline might begin to deteriorate when it reaches 11 to 12 years of age. As your feline ages and reaches 15 years old, there's a possibility they'll develop dementia. However, it doesn't imply that felines below 15 years of age can't be affected by this disorder.

Signs a Cat is Suffering from Feline Senile Dementia

1. Alterations in Social Conduct

It is a clear symptom of feline senile dementia. Your feline might not fancy any petting or cuddling. They might likewise not be interested in interacting with people or other pets around. In other words, they tend to hide (one of the signs a cat is dying of old age). Moreover, some felines with dementia become clingier.

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