Not Their Most Flattering Shot – 12 Pictures

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How many times did you check out some photo of yourself and thought “God, I look so silly”? I know that I often feel that way. I am just not photogenic and unless somebody takes a picture of me without me being aware, I just know it’s gonna look like a had some poison for breakfast. Well, animals are not that different from humans, at least in this respect. There are many non-photogenic animals out there, and it was really difficult to select the best photos for our hilarious list.

Sleep is for weak-minded

This is basically the way I look like when I just get up in the morning. Actually, this is how I look like until I’ve had my coffee, to be exact. I guess this owl went a few days without sleeping and it’s bound to take a toll on his looks. All he needs is a cup of coffee. Well, maybe a Red Bull would do the trick better.

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Is this a sPUGhetti monster?

If you don’t look like a member of your own species in a photo, that means that you are not particularly photogenic. This adorable guy looks more like some kind of fish than a dog. It seems that this pug was just watching Game of Thrones and came across one of many WTF moments. Not a good time to take a picture, that’s for sure.

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