Nature's Beauty Is Boundless - 10 Pictures

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There are millions of beautiful creatures in the world that are made by hands of nature. Some creatures look so magical and unusual that will leave everyone breathless. Their vivid and flashy colors will lure everyone touching them. Do not let their appearance fool you because some of them are highly toxic

Magical purple snail

You probably haven’t seen a snail like this. The purple color in ancient Rome was the color of royalty and was a matter of prestige. In the history, the purple color was expensive because purple dye came from snails. Natural habitats of these snails are sea and ocean. They begin life as males and after that, step by step, get to be females as they develop.

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Amazing Golden Horse

In the past, horses had a very demanding role and were a great help to people. This golden horse breed comes from Turkmenistan and they are one of the most expensive horse breeds on the planet. Their original name is Akhal-Teke and they are known for their speed and endurance. Akhal is adapted to harsh climatic conditions and is considered for one of the oldest surviving race. Its hair has a special glow in the sunlight and that’s what makes them so glamorous and gorgeous. 

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The smallest bird on Earth

Not only Hummingbird is the tiniest bird on Earth, but also is the smartest one. These birds remember each flower they have been to and wait for that flower to refill before getting back. Despite the fact, their bodies don’t weight more than two grams, they can fly at a speed of 100 km / h and swing wings up to 80 times per second. They use 20 times more oxygen than a sparrow, which is for them a true giant. Hummingbirds are one of the most beautiful birds in the world because of their color also. Their feathering shimmers in the light and gets the most beautiful mix of colors.

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Mandarin Duck

Here is one more bird species! This cute duck doesn’t like lakes or other huge open waters. They like small wooded ponds and perching in trees. In their native China, these birds represent a symbol of loyalty and were given to brides at their wedding.

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