Most Popular and Among the Most Lovable Cat Breeds – 11 Pictures

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There are numerous cat breeds in the world today and they all have a lot in common, but every one of them is special with its own characteristics. Today we'll take a look at 10 most popular cat breeds (in our opinion) among cat lovers of nowadays.

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1. The American shorthair

This cat is one of the most popular house cats today, it has fairly ordinary appearance and it can be seen with many different patterns and it can be in many different colors. This cat is descended from a British shorthair, but it has a few physical differences. For one, the American shorthair is larger than the the British shorthair but it is also leaner, all in all much more athletic. Even though this cat is extremely able to hunt in the wild, it often chooses a domestic lifestyle and would pick a couch instead of a tree any day. Despite the “American” in their name, they have no intention of chasing the American dream, or anything for that matter, they are very easy going and have a calm temper. It is not unusual to see this cat getting along with dogs. Their calm personality is very soothing for little kids, so in case you have a few youngsters running around the house, you might find this cat useful in your household. One more thing worth mentioning about this cat is that it has a very long lifespan, they usually live up to 20 years.

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