Most Amazing Examples of Monogamy in Animal World - 12 Pictures

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We as humans have been obsessing about the idea of true love and a concept of soul mates for as long as we can remember. We are all on the same quest and we all get discouraged here and there and lose hope in love. When that happens we might be able to look for hope and inspiration in the animal kingdom, as you are about to see, there are animal species that can really teach us a thing or two about commitment and affection.

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As we all know, Swans are perhaps the most beautiful birds existing, we often describe them as gracious and proud creatures. And those attributes can most definitely be used to describe their mating process as well. Like every other species on this list, Swans form long lasting relationships with the opposite sex and spend a lot of effort nurturing the mutual bond. During the breeding season their mating process can last up to an hour unlike other bird species where mating takes place in a matter of seconds, and they do it over and over again, far more than it is necessary to fertilize the eggs, in this way they form a powerful bond with each other.

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Albatrosses are most known for their very complex performance by which they attract the opposite sex. A male albatross uses a mixture of wing and head movements combined with producing different sounds, creating a dance-like performance of sky-pointing, wing-spreading and clucking by which a female estimates his value, after all, once she chooses a partner for her they stay together for life.

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Wolves known for their aggression and cruelty, are in fact very affectionate creatures when it comes to their life partner. As wolf packs live in a very strict hierarchy, in the breeding period which lasts usually from January to April, only the alpha pair mates, to avoid overpopulation in the pack.

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Penguins are one of the most famous monogamous species in the world. They are most famous for the fact that they mate with a same partner year after year and that they spend around 6 months apart every year. Even though the chances of them finding their mates after that much time, among thousands of other penguins are small, they still make it year after year. When they mate a female lays one or two eggs that both parents keep safe taking turns for 25 to 45 days until it hatches.

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