Marking the Unbreakable Bond – 14 Pictures

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Most people consider pets to be a part of the family. Many tattoo lovers now decide to commemorate their furry best friends by carrying pet’s portrait on their skin permanently. It does not matter how you feel about tattoos, there is no doubt that these are pretty adorable.

This smiling pup got the best portrait anyone could ask for. Although there are no colors, black and gray work can bring out even the tiniest details. This lucky owner will always have a friend by his side, whenever and wherever they go. 

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marking the unbrekable bond 14 pictures 1

This intellectual lady looks adorable both on pictures and as a tattoo. Accompanied by some stylish accessories any dog can become a star model, but only this will looks so good. Flowers on the tattoo only accentuate that cute face. Not everyone can pull off glasses, but everything looks good on this pup.

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marking the unbrekable bond 14 pictures 2

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