Loving the Rain or Not? They Don't Seem Really Fond of it – 12 Pictures

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If you were ever caught outside without your umbrella when the rain started to pour, then you can sympathize with animals on our list. Some of them enjoy the rain, others find cover in the most unusual places, but most of them simply deal with the situation the best way they can. Whether you are a rain lover or not, some of these photos are so beautiful that you will surely love them. So, let’s take a look at some of these amazing images of animals caught in the rain.

I don’t need a big leaf

This tiny frog knows how to protect himself from the rain. All you need is an umbrella. It helps if you are so tiny so you can make a leaf of any size serve you as an umbrella and this frog obviously has experience with rainy weather.

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I wish I was outside!

Do you ever feel like going out in the rain and just let yourself get wet? Maybe doing a little dance in the rain? This kitten seems to enjoy raindrops on the window, but I am not sure that he would enjoy them as much if he got wet.

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